Two Tower Cranes Will Soon Be Installed At 425-Unit Miami Plaza, Where Construction Is Now Underway

Developer Melo Group has submitted an application to install two tower cranes for vertical construction of the 35-story Miami Plaza project.

Groundbreaking took place last month, and foundation work is underway.

According to the application submitted to the Federal Aviation Administration, two cranes would be installed in Mid-March. They would rise 452 feet and 414 feet above ground.

The permanent tower itself is to rise 370 feet above ground.

Miami Plaza will include 425 apartments, 5,064 square feet of retail and 508 parking spaces.


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Wait, didn’t Mana say it’s impossible to build in the current climate?


I still wonder how much Mana paid the Biscayne Times for that piece of garbage they published.


Alot, and those paid interviews are what keeping alot of newspapers afloat lately.

Dayana Gimenez

This building changed substantially after its UDRB presentation, these are very old images. The Board recommended substatial changes that were complied by the developer, and building looks way better now.


I would hope so. The prison windows and random balconies, yuck! It’s already a box, so cheap lipstick on a pig isn’t necessary.


By mid April the tower should be half way up!!


Yeah they build fast, hope they buy up more lots.


Fast does not mean good ! They can build fast because the buildings fall apart after five years !


Get down Melo!


melos buildings are just fine…and as far as retail is concerned there is a beautiful new full service restaurant being built at square station as well as a fantastic barber shop…mini mart and other retailers building out space..exactly what this area needed…others will follow at melo other towers as well..


Melo monolpoly! Keep the towers coming


Volume providers of cheap apartment housing. There’s a place in the market for it, but no one should have any delusions about what Melo provides. These apartments are very basic and cheaply constructed and will be run down in a few years. Better than what’s there now yes, for the time being.


Incredibly reasonable comment, and he didn’t say anything racist. Most of you should take notes.


How about a breakdown of his permits?


Why?.. no one took out a permit to build anything on that site for decades.. so why are you now so concerned by what Melo is doing with the site?


Mana is that you ? Nice disguise buddy.


Another terrible box with horrible and cheap finishes.


Horrible designs especially at the street level. They’re creating a whole future Melo ghetto area. Building crappy buildings fast is not an achievement.


I actually think that their designs are decent looking. You cannot expect a Zaha Hadid or a masterpiece in the middle of an entire empty neighborhood. This is perfect for working class people and very convenient to increase use of public transit.


“Ghetto area?” So, the trashy weed littered condition that these lot were in for decades before the Melo Group purchased them were, in your opinion, areas of beauty that Miami could be proud of? Building fast? Dude, looking at those miserable empty lots for years and years was like doing time in a penitentiary.

Thankyou Melo for doing something these whiny foot dragging people in Miami wouldn’t do.


I’ll take it over having a vacant lot in downtown for another decade. You can also move to the 1000 Museum.