UDRB Approves 78-Story Tower To Replace Brickell Burger King, Construction Mid-2018

Miami’s Urban Development Review Board approved plans for a 960-foot condo and retail tower called 18.

A spokesman for the developer could not confirm when condo sales or construction would begin, only that they are moving forward with the process.

The developer previously told The Real Deal that he hoped to begin construction in the middle of next year.



Claro Development will Continue Management of 18

Following City of Miami’s Urban Design Review Board Recommended Approval

MIAMI – (February 17, 2017) — The City of Miami’s Urban Design and Review Board (UDRB) voted to recommend approval of ‘18’ a mixed-use development during its scheduled meeting on February 16, 2017. The approval paves the way for Claro Development to continue managing the Brickell-based project’s development which will include high-rise luxury condos and retail. With more than a decade of experience in managing intricate high-end projects, Claro was selected by Karam Group to serve as the owner’s representative and project manager.

“We are honored that Karam Group has entrusted us to represent them and manage the development of this important addition to the heart of Brickell,” said Ray Lastra, Claro principal. “This approval by the UDRB brings us one step closer to bringing this exciting and innovative mixed-used project to area residents and visitors.”

Located at the corner of S.W. 8th Street and S. Miami Avenue, the 78-story building will include 66,618 square feet (four levels) of retail space at the ground level. Structured parking will be provided within the building and screened in with artistic treatment, which will help enhance the modern tower. The upper levels will consist of 392 residential units that will offer dynamic views of the downtown Miami core and Brickell Financial District.

“We are very pleased with Claro’s efforts for the vision of this project and with the UDRB’s decision to recommend approval of 18, which will not only help realize the four corners of the heart of Brickell, but continue to transform it into one of the most vibrant areas in South Florida.” said Simon and Antoine Karam, Principals of Karam Group.

Surrounded by new high-rise projects on all four sides, including Brickell Heights, SLS Lux, Solitair and Brickell City Center, 18 will aid in unifying the transformation of Brickell. The LEED Silver building is being designed by Nichols Brosch Wurst Wolfe & Associate and has FAA approval for 960 feet.

Claro is a diversified real estate services firm, headed by Ray Lastra and Sandor Scher, that specializes in real estate development services and construction management. Over the last 12 years, Claro has built a reputation of successfully providing single source, comprehensive real estate property development solutions. The company has worked on complex high-end projects throughout South Florida including, The Standard Miami, The Raleigh Hotel and SoHo Beach House. Claro has delivered more than 150 projects, valued at approximately $800 million.


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I find it just a tad amusing that I’m reading this article right now while eating a Double Whopper with cheese.(no joke) lol.


That means you have enough sense to not waste your money on a “God awful” big Mac!


I like them both, but I hate the BK location in question. If leases keep these parcels from being demolished, maybe code violations in regards to health and safety won’t.


Indeed. Whopper better than a Bic Mac. But I like the Double quarter pounder.w/cheese.


Pedestal by itself looks beautiful. 1 1/2 to 2+ years is going to be a long wait for this beauty.


I totally agree although time flies, the design and height is so beautiful, it will seem longer for me. I’m excited for this building. Just Beautiful!!!!


I agree, time flies. I recall as if it were yesterday fantasizing about the one day that Museum Park would be finished when I were 22 years old. 15 years later, it’s almost finished. Time sure flies. I’d almost forgotten that I had graduated high school, college, and have had 3 job promotions during that time along with 2 job failures. It all seems like yesterday!


Beautiful. Let’s do it!




This building will give the area such panache, because of height, density and proximity to BCC it will make it look so urbane and big city like…


Being in Real Estate sometimes can give you pause when reading proclamations such as this one. First let me say that I am 100% behind this project, however, in this article the developer is mentioned as saying that he wants to start building by 2018. As of last month the plaza where Burger King is located was still accepting 5 year leases for new tenants, so it may be time for them to sit down and iron out these details. I for one hope that the developer gets his way.

Yet Another Anonymous

Yeah this is still “fake” and preliminary for now.


I am happy to hear that.
It will improve the downtown of Miami a lot.




we must stop this and #saveBK


That Burger King can take the money it’ll be offered and relocate further in West Brickell.


Do you mean real West Brickell or Little Havana. Can’t tell these days


Is it just me or maybe the use of land would be better for the neighborhood if it was kept to a retail strip but completely redone in both design and tenants?