Unanimous Denial: Melo Group’s Twin 51-Story Towers Called A ‘Tremendous Mistake,’ Rejected By UDRB

Miami’s Urban Development Review Board didn’t like developer Melo Group’s proposal to build twin 51-story towers in downtown Miami, according to Miami Today.

The board unanimously rejected the proposal last month in a 6-0 vote, with one board member going as far as saying approving the proposed design would be “a tremendous mistake.”

Two towers were each proposed to rise 51 stories, connected by a 12-story garage podium with 1,049 parking spaces (300 spaces are for the church next door). A total of 1,042 apartments was proposed between the two buildings.

Melo Architecture created the design, led by architect Arturo Griego.

Six waivers were requested from zoning requirements, including lot coverage and setback.

Board members criticized the proposed massing, articulation, lack of creativity, and overall appearance of the design.

Melo’s attorney responded that the buildings were being designed as efficiently as possible in order to be made affordable to Miami residents. Previous Melo buildings have been completely leased within two weeks, the attorney said.

The UDRB is technically only an advisory board to Miami’s Planning & Zoning Department. City officials take their recommendation seriously, but planners can still override a board vote should they choose to do so.