‘Upside Down’ Two-Story Home Proposed On Allison Island, Replacing 1937 Home

Plans for a multi-level home on Allison Island have been submitted for review by a Miami Beach board.

In a letter, the architect calls the design “upside down,” with floor area ratio of the second floor to first floor higher than permitted by Miami Beach zoning code. A waiver from the Design Review Board will be required.

To enter the main first floor, one must walk under a second-floor portion of the residence. The design creates a substantial amount of movement and “Architectural interest,” the architect wrote in a letter that justified the waiver request.

The new home will have two floors, plus a rooftop deck. Total size is 8,024 square feet.

An architecturally significant home on the property will be demolished. Most of it was built in 1937, according to county records.

Hwp 6494 Allison LLC is the company proposing the home. Miami attorney Charles Ratner manages the entity, according to an ownership disclosure form submitted to the city.

The company purchased the waterfront property for $4.75 million in September 2018. The lot size is 16,200 square feet.

Choeff Levy Fischman is the architect of the new home.

Miami Beach’s Design Review Board will review the proposal at a meeting on October 2. In addition to the first floor to second floor ratio, several other waivers are being requested.



To be demolished: