In North Beach, Vacant City Lots Could Become Parks, Hotel & Cafes

In Miami Beach, there are eight blocks of city-owned property lining prime Collins Avenue that have sat vacant or underutilized for decades.

Some of the lots, which sit across from the North Shore Open Space Park in North Beach, are being used as surface parking, while others are simply not used at all.

Now, city commissioners will have a look at ideas to transform those lots, including new park space, a hotel, retail, cafes, and even  a tech center.

A planning firm hired by the city recommends the following uses for each lot:

  • Lot 1 – 260 space parking garage, lined with cafe and retail
  • Lot 2 – Eco-park, including outdoor gym, picnic area, and pond
  • Lot 3 – North Beach Yard
  • Lot 4 – Water Square, with ponds and boardwalk
  • Lot 5 – Eco-hotel, food hall, park
  • Lot 6 – Tropical Gardens and playground
  • Lot 7 – Bohemian village
  • Lot 8 – Community eco-tech center and teen space

Voter approval would likely be needed for zoning changes, and for long-term leases of property to private operators.

Dover Kohl & Partners created the study, which will be presented to commissioners at a meeting on June 27.