Video: $802M Signature Bridge Project, Where Construction Is Underway

FDOT has released a new video detailing plans for the $802 million Signature Bridge project, where construction is now underway.

Large cranes are now in place throughout the construction area.

The design-build contractor has four years to complete the project from October 29, 2018. Holidays, weather, special events, and any unforeseen circumstances are excluded, so completion is actually scheduled for five years, in fall of 2023.

As part of the project, a 55-acre public park underneath a newly elevated bridge will be created.

A double-deck highway is expected to relieve congestion on part of the 836 expressway, while the entire interchange will be untangled and rebuilt.

The Signature Bridge itself will become a Miami landmark for generations to come, FDOT says. At night, a lighting system will illuminate the spans.

(Photos: Phillip Pessar)