Video: Mana Lays Out Vision For Flagler Street (Including Possible TargetExpress)

Moishe Mana has been pouring tens of millions of dollars into acquiring properties in the Flagler Street area of Downtown Miami over the past year, including nearly $40 million last month alone. The question is, what is he planning?

A new video produced by associates of Mana provides some hints.

The video states that Mana has now acquired a critical mass of property and plans to spend millions more on redevelopment. The vision of his team is to create a ‘real and vibrant’ destination that is active 24 hours a day, while capitalizing on the massive projects in the surrounding area, including All Aboard Florida’s MiamiCentral, Miami Worldcenter, and Brickell City Centre.

One rendering in the video shows a TargetExpress, a smaller, urban-format version of Target with an average size of 20,000 square feet. Target is certainly familiar with the area, with a nearby store in Midtown that is said to be one of the highest volume stores in the chain.

Other new retailers and restaurants will also be brought in to cater to the rapidly changing demographics of the area. There will be a focus on fashion and art.

The timeline for completion of the entire ‘game changing project’ is said to be about ten years.





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The ~150 ft, 10-15 floor buildings like in Wash DC would be perfect here…


Did you mean for the title to read “Mana Unveils Lack of Vision for Flagler Street”?


I agree with Miami1.. I thought Mana would go a little higher than the two floors portrayed here. With all the development in downtown and the surrounding area, this will be prime real-estate (as if it isn’t already). Two story buildings seem like massive underutilization, especially for a downtown area. Can’t have a 24/7 neighborhood without housing.

What were they THINKING?

A massive disappointment devoid of any character or interest. This is downtown…I sincerely hopes Mana goes back to the drawing board with this, because I can’t fathom how generic Target #8763467 is supposed to revolutionize the heart of Miami. If anything, it has the complete opposite effect. Might as well pave over South Beach and turn it into a Walmart-by-the-sea at this rate.


Exactly my thoughts. Your comment reminded me when I went to Galveston Texas and actually saw a Walmart on ocean front property. SMH.


You guys seem to be missing the entire point of this. We simply can’t continue at this pace of development forever. Right now between what is under construction and what is proposed we have enough development for the next 5 – 10 years already lined up.

Right now in the greater downtown area (Brickell up to Edgewater) we have 10,000+ units under construction, 4,000+ units in reservations and 7,500+ units proposed. When looking at just the CBD, World Center and All Aboard Florida are going to take up most of the development pipeline for the next 5+ years.

Mana is making a 10+ year play here to help Flagler st. There simply isn’t the demand to build skyscrapers in other parts of downtown right now. So rather than letting the area be neglected he purchased a lot of buildings and will renovate them with minimal cash outlay. That way the area gets a facelift and becomes more appealing. Then once were ready for the next wave he’ll be sitting with land in a great part of downtown with only 2 story buildings making them ripe for skyscraper development.


Perfectly said. Simple minded people just think “build build build, tall tall tall” and anything else than that must be a detriment to the progress of the city. We need to improve our education here to teach people to think more strategically.


I think that it is important that he respects the historic character of the street and that was not reflected in the video. I know that this is a concept but I can see that the old Woolworth is being shown as a glass box and if he wants to mimic Soho then the historic restoration of many of these buildings is important because better talents will come when you have a unique environment that can attract shoppers because of the character of the street. I don’t think that a mall like appearance will generate that.


That makes sense. But my thinking is, what’s the point in waiting if it’s going to get to that point anyway? They can be kept as rentals and then sold when the market eventually catches up.


Should add apartments on top of the buildings, not too tall, but some.


And here I was expecting something amazing. What was I thinking?


Extremely disappointed. How is this going to bring a destination that is 24/7? This is Downtown Miami. Not saying he should build skyscrapers but 2 levels, seriously?? No vision what so ever!


Holy bleep, we hate shade in Miami. I feel for those poor rendered souls baking on those sidewalks.


If those “poor rendered souls” are too stupid to go inside where the airconditioner is, then they need to bake.

Tomas Possenti

Who wants to start bidding on the air rights to these?? Let’s hope Wynnwood plan isn’t as disappointing.

genghis khan



Agreed on the low rise housing. A little underwhelming, but eagerly anticipated…


more trees!


What’s wrong with the skyscrapers in downtown location?Could do easily 70-80 floors.Underutilized,have to wait another couple of decades for what belongs there.Pity.Hopefully someone eventually shows up and buys all this land and does it right.


I agree, its a bit bland. Overall, an underwhelming vision.


Boredom and underutilization


Big boxes kill retail.


So Flagler Street is going to look like Lincoln Road Mall except all the classic historic buildings like Woolworth, Mangels, and Miami Theater are going to be demolished? No bueno!


Flagler Street is named after our city founder Henry Flagler. It is and was the first and most storied thoroughfare in South Florida. The core of the city grew from nothing in 1896 and mushroomed outward in both boom and bust around Flagler Street. Everything we see today of significance in Miami and Dade County we owe to his vision and foresight. The street that bears his name is tired and forlorn and needs a redo worthy of the Mr Flagers vision and commitment. I am sorry Mr. Mana, but with all due respect this article does not reveal anything that represents the same effort, the same vision, the same imagination that Flagler Strret once represented. Why not consider a charette that invites Imput from the community at large for ideas from people like Arva Moore Parks and Beth Dunlop and Historians and others that care as much as you do about the core of our great city.


This is ridiculous! This is the URBAN CORE of metropolitan Miami… Actually, this is the center of a megalopolis. We can build up the 80 stories here, yet he is building 2 stories? The next article about the proposed “Green City” in the Western extreme past the UDB by the everglades is bigger than this! Doral and Hialeah have taller buildings. Big Box retail is desperately needed in this area. But did they all of a sudden forget about mixed use? You have 78 more stories to go! Downtown Miami, the actual CBD core is in desperate need of housing. All there is right now is a handful of buildings. People from Brickell and Edgewater are not going to come here when they already have their own retail/entertainment destinations. ONE Target isn’t going to do anything, we need a critical mass of suburban style retailers, so we don’t have to drive all the way to Coral Gables, Hialeah, or North Miami Beach just to find something like a Bed Bath & Beyond. Concepts like 15th & Alton on South Beach or Miracle Marketplace on Coral Way would be perfect here and are much needed. Except, let’s do one better, add… Read more »


Renovating historical buildings and buildings skyscrapers are not mutually exclusive. You can do both. There are many examples of historical buildings being preserved with skyscrapers being built on top. The handful of condos in that immediate area right now are: 50 Biscayne, Met 1, Met 3, Loft 1 & 2, Capital Lofts, Flagler First, Vizcayne, Epic, One Miami, and Centro & Met Square which are under construction. The rest of the housing in CBD, whether proposed or not is currently “blocked” by perceptual barriers of slum & blight which people don’t feel safe to walk through. If you walk from lets say, The Madison from the north [in the Miami World Center area] or from Flagler on the River on the east, you have to pass through a lot of shady areas to get here. If there is more accessible retail of day-to-day things that people will need and especially housing in that area, it should create a critical mass of people past office hours so that area can feel safe enough and attractive so people will want to frequent or live in the area which can potentially attract developers to bridge the gap between the slums which are currently… Read more »


he is not doing anything grand but at least he is cleaning up the area that it is a real shame of downtown. even latin american countries have better downtowns (not including brickell).
but hopefully this will generate more action and interest.


this is disappointing , at least if he would bring back the historical buildings to there former glory maybe he could start a soho like shopping area. He should respect the historical nature of the street.


of the properties he ones there are several that are historical the old Miami theater,Woolworth,and the old McCorys store among other smaller buildings which should be restored to add to the character of the street.


Flagler and Downtown Miami should focus on what we have in the surroundings that include the museums, miami dade college, new world school of the arts and providing more green space, places to sit and enjoy a sandwich. The only history left in this city is mostly in downtown miami where we have amazing buildings from the 1920’s. All people think about is building skyscrapers. Miami is Miami. Not New York. Stop comparing Miami to New York and Soho. It’s Miami. We’re different. Traffic is horrendous. Public transportation sucks. Plus Mr Mana bought those properties and can do whatever he wants with them.


he might own the properties but some of those are considered contributing structures and are with in the downtown historic district thus he will have to go before the hep board of the city. i am sure and hopeful that this is just an abstract ideas and very preliminary as it is also important as others have mentioned that residential has to be a component of any plan to revitalize the area and some have been proposed in the area.


I like the vision. Miami needs more urbanism closer to the street. High rises are not the only way to go. The idea of roof top experiences relatively close to the gound is excellent and creates a multidimensional urbanism. There will be plenty of highrise development opportunities throughout the city center. Most major major destinations in europe (london, madrid, paris, rome, barcelona) have rich urban neighborhoods and architecture that is not up in the clouds to be seen only by a distant gaze or flying bird.

Real Miami

No game whatsoever, go back to New York with your one hand dribble.


I would understand if this was the plan for Wynwood or Edgewater- somewhere out of downtown that was trying to be a shopping/dining and after hours district. But this is downtown… Shouldn’t there be at least a little space for commercial services and offices


Fun fact of the day: after completion of the projects currently in the pipeline, Edgewater has more density than the CBD. Guess it’s trying too hard.


Mr. Mana only owns a handful of buildings on actual Flagler, not the entire street. I’m not sure what people are expecting him to do. It’s not in his hands to make it a “grand boulevard” or like Paris or Buenos Aires. That is the city’s job. People should be glad he’s doing anything at all to modernize the area, as it’s not in his obligation to do so.


Except nobody forced him to make grand claims to the contrary.

And by modernizing do you mean turning historic buildings into tacky boxes that haven’t aged well at all since the 80s? The area sure could use even more of those

In any event, the free market will decide. Locals will be disappointed, tourists will be underwhelmed, and history will repeat itself. Mana has a chance to do something amazing, and seemingly the funds and will to do it. Accepting the bare minimum is a piss poor mentality and does nothing for anyone involved.


nothing cutting edge or different than all the rest. that’s the problem with miami, it’s friends and family and a little bubble. i just hope that his vision includes more than condos for investors. rentals or condos with the restriction that full-time miamians can only purchase. more than half of this city is a ghost town most of the year….


You hear that Mana? The readers of this blog want you to do the exact same thing everyone else is doing (housing, housing, housing) instead of adding some substance to the street experience of our urban core. How dare you do something different that actually adds value to the neighborhood instead of contributing to our housing oversupply! Nevermind that 1200 units are currently under construction nearby (+ another 5000 across the river in Brickell), with 1000’s more proposed.

By the way, if you ARE actually out there listening, I beg you to buy the Flatiron site and build something similar to help with the positive transformation of Miami Avenue into the Other retail/entertainment center of downtown. Thank you for actually caring about the development of our city instead of just trying to make a quick hundred million from wealthy foreigners. Flagler Street and Miami Avenue both deserve better.


If it’s a 10 year “master plan” then forgive us for expecting more than the same Targets and Walgreens you can find on every corner in West Kendall and Hialeah. When you promise SoHo, then people expect to see SoHo. Not 2 story boxes.

You can’t market Miami as a world class city when you pump out soulless modernist glass boxes that will be out of fashion by the time they open. They claim that they are creating the next Paris, Berlin, or London, but what are they really building with this kind of project?

Miami deserves better.


Did anybody actually watch the video before commenting or just look at the pictures? These are VERY early renderings, Target (if it is even actually planned for that corner) would be a very small part of it. The point is he will renovate and revitalize very outdated buildings, while introducing social and cultural programs to kick start the area–like the big party he has orchestrated for Wynwood this weekend. The rooftop alfresco terraces will be very popular too. If this street becomes a “24 hour area” with loud nightlife, people may not want to live right on top of it but surrounding it.

BTW, Soho is a shopping district in NY, not an area surrounded by skyscrapers. Mana will be a catalyst for this area that could bring other developers in to build the skyscrapers everyone on this site salivates for. Let’s not be so quick to judge.


There is a whole world between what Mana’s video is showcasing and massive skyscrapers. The point is that one expected Miami’s premier historical street to get the Calle Florida (Buenos Aires) treatment- something beautiful, eye-catching, appealing to both locals and visitors alike. Despite claiming to be inspired by grand ambitions, what we’ve seen so far looks no different than your typical side-strip mall. You don’t need 1000+ footers to create something better than that.


It’s his private property. You shouldn’t have any expectations for anything. You should be happy he’s improving it at all. He doesn’t own the entire street.


“If this street becomes a “24 hour area” with loud nightlife, people may not want to live right on top of it but surrounding it.”

Hahaha, because no one lives in Paris, New York, Chicago, London, Hong Kong, etc. The new generation and younger population is attracted to 24/7 life. People don’t want to live around entertainment, but right next to (or on top of) it. Its hip, and Miami is getting younger! Besides, if you look at downtowns like Boston, they’re actually introducing residential projects into the center business and retail core because after 7 PM and on weekends the place is dead. Lets not let Miami have the same fate. I predict that Miami’s demand will only grow through ten years, and more housing-especially in downtown- is needed.


Yet another tree hugger who wants to keep everything flat. Miami has plenty of places that are exactly what you want Downtown to be. This area is the Manhattan of the South, and whether you like it or not, eventually someone will buy this land off of this guy and build something that can really make this a 24/7 destination, and not have it be a desolate area as soon as the sun goes down.


Yet another real estate agent that just wants another residential building to make a profit from! I love skyscrapers more than anyone and I hope Miami continues to build them at an unprecedented rate–though at this point we need more office towers. I just don’t think because Mana renovates and revitalizes a few smaller buildings along Flagler that there still isn’t plenty of land to build in that area. In fact, creating a more attractive central street through downtown could activate more developers to build around Flagler similar to Centro. It could push Liquid Lofts, Downtown 54, the ‘Sky Plaza’ complex, and Ultramont Mall tower closer to becoming realities. Centro and Monarc will be adding 800 new residents to the immediate neighborhood very soon. It’s too dramatic to be so doom and gloom about this.


We don’t need any more office. There’s actually a surplus of office towers that are still empty.


where is your data to back this up? Downtown/Brickell has been on a downward trend for years with their office vacancy rates, which currently are around 15%–not bad at all.