Video Of 10-Story Building Implosion In South Beach, Park Construction Could Begin Shortly

After over a decade as an eyesore at the entrance to South Beach, the 10-story shell of the former South Shore hospital was demolished by implosion yesterday.

A park could begin construction within months.

Mayor Dan Gelber wrote on Instagram that substantial completion of a park and pedestrian bridge connecting to a baywalk would be realized within 24 months.

Developer Russell Galbut told the Herald that he and his partners plan to complete the park by the summer of 2020.

First, final plans for the park must be approved by the city. The Design Review Board is scheduled to review the plans at a meeting next month.


(video via schwartz media)



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For over a decade, the empty shell of an abandoned hospital in an ugly, vacant lot has been the dominant eyesore in the southern entryway to our City. Over a year ago I challenged the community to collaborate on how we can eliminate this eyesore and develop the three deserted blocks in a manner that made more sense for our residents and our community. Today, I am very proud that after innumerable meetings and charrettes, and negotiations with the Developer, the abandoned hospital was successfully imploded this morning. No longer will our residents have to suffer this eyesore in our City. Further, we now have an approved development plan that will deliver to our City a beautiful three acre public park that will forever change the character of the neighborhood in a positive way. I wanted to thank the neighbors and community residents who approached this task, and the developer, for working together. Also, thanks to my Commission colleagues and @miamibeachnews staff including Eric Carpenter, who so seriously approached the task of creating the template and guiding development decisions. Special thanks to our @miamibeachpd and @miamibeachfire , and the demolition company, the BG Group, who oversaw a safe Implosion. It is my hope that within months the residents will see their new park taking shape. Within 24 months I believe it could be substantially completed, and in that same time frame a walkover for the 5th street bridge will be available so that we can realize the amenity of a real bay walk connecting the various waterways and vistas of our City.

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