Viñoly’s Miami River Project Submitted To City Officials For Review

KAR Properties has submitted plans to Miami’s Planning Department for Miami River.

The plans, prepared by architect Rafael Viñoly, call for twin 60-story towers, connected at the top. The lower portions of the tower will be dedicated to condo use, while the upper floors wil be a mix of commercial, lodging, and residential use. The towers top off at a height of 779-feet.

Five condos are located on each floor between levels 7-46 in the two towers. Units are to be accessed  by a common hallway, rather than by private elevator.

Levels 56-59 are connected at the top, and are accessible by express elevators running along the exterior of the towers. A mix of commercial (likely restaurant) and residential space is planned there, along with 20 hotel units.

In total, the project will include 402 residential units, 58,063 square feet of commercial space, and 516 parking spaces. The developers are modifying a MUSP previosuly approved for the site, and have requested review by the UDRB at a meeting tomorrow.

Boston’s Sasaki Associates is the landscape architect.




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6 years ago

– “Levels 56-59 are connected at the top, and are accessible by express elevators running along the exterior of the towers.”

That sounds very cool! Hope they make it happen.

6 years ago

What happened with the vote on One Brickell variances that was supposedly last week? And what’s going on with Villa Magna? These are the three high profile projects I believe are next in line to be developed in the area. They have a much higher probability of success than Flatiron or Edge.

6 years ago

I don’t dislike this project, but I would rather see these two towers unconnected and built on the other side of the other two towers whose views this project would be blocking. This would make KAR appear more neighbor conscious and maybe they could build a center (probably 3 stories tall) right there on the river for the people in the new towers they want to put up along with people from the other surrounding towers to gather in and untilize for different kinds of functions. What would be really cool is if you’re able to have rooftop parties on it overlooking the Miami River and the towers of Brickell at night.

6 years ago

That is a nice thought and all…saving the views of those poor people, but that is never going to happen! KAR did not shell out millions just to build a three story community center, they’re in it to make some dollar dollar bills yo! And they are probably going to build on the other side of those two buildings as well, blocking that gorgeous view of…Overtown? If you live in a dense high-rise neighborhood and want to preserve your views, you have to pay extra $$$ for unobstructed views on a building on the edge of the river or bay; otherwise, you will eventually be looking at glass balconies.

6 years ago

Sadly, yes, I know. But still, why not try and be a little neighborly sympathetic and propose to build just one very tall skinny tower? That would somewhat preserve at least half the other towers’ views.

6 years ago

I agree with you! I don’t understand how this project can be approves seeing how close the other buildings are and how it blocks hundreds of families views that have been there. Instead of adding so many more apartments to this area they should build a lower commercial building with a walking bridge to connect the other side of the bridge and bring more restaurants/ stores or something that can be more useful than just another extremely large building towering over the whole area and adding to the already extensive list of buildings being built in brickell. terrible idea! Plus they should start by building in the other two lots they have sectioned off. They are basically driving the other residents out of tall other 3 buildings if they build this monster in between. I truly hop this does not get approved

6 years ago

this community was always designed to be 6 towers and the old Cima tower was going to be bigger and wider and then what is being shown here. So, the idea that these people are now not going to build something because the other residents might not have a great view? its better than they would have originally had….