Voters Approve SkyRise Tower In Landslide

Miami voters have overwhelmingly approved Jeff Berkowitz’s plan to build the 1,000 foot SkyRise Miami tower.

With all precincts reporting, 68% of votes cast were in favor of a new lease for SkyRise and Bayside, with just 32% voting no.

Earlier today, the Third District Court of Appeal ruled against activist Charles Corda, who had sued the city over the ballot language of the SkyRise lease amendment. That leaves Berkowitz in the clear to start construction.

Utility work at the site will begin immediately. Foundation work will take about nine months, with a goal of opening to the public by early 2018.



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global reach

Yay ;D


By the developers own figures the projected cost is over $400 million. No bank will lend for this pie in the sky abortion and no 50% deposits from wealthy South American condo buyers. His only hope is to find enough foreign investors who want to purchase a US citizenship. Because Berkowitz numbers don’t add up they would be foolish to invest in this boondoggle. This baby will never fly.


Oh great, a place like Seattle has it’s beautiful Space Needle and tasteless buffoons in Miami settle for the first ugly POS this guy presents to them.

The FAA says Brickell One at 1049ft is an interference but this giantass 1000ft ugly toenail clipper isn’t?

WTF kind of drugs is the entire city of Miami on?

Yet Another Anonymous

Mostly weed, cocaine is still fairly popular. And ecstasy is a trend, but mostly with young people. Meth and prescription drugs are more of a rural Florida thing


I am thrilled! I happen to think it is a daring and unique design, which makes it more interesting than 90% of what gets built in Miami. I also know that the citizens in Seattle, Paris and even Shanghai all thought the giant observation towers in their cities would mar their skylines but instead they have become world recognized symbols. In fact, Oriental Pearl IS terribly ugly yet I saw still excited to visit the purple icon of China! I am just excited to see Miami demonstrate that there is more happening, more big plans, schemes and dreams being pursued than just huge, efficient and “safe” boxes designed by Arquitectonica. Even if you think it isn’t the design that you would have chosen, can you not appreciate the fact that Miami is still a place where big dreams get off the ground no matter how audacious?



umm who do you think designed this abomination?


Someone with serious a serious napoleon complex?


arquitectonica, of course. this is the worst thing to happen to miami since romero britto.


I’m glad to see someone that agreed with me about Romero Britto!!! Go to any store in Miami, like Bed Bath and beyond, and you’ll see and explosion of bad taste that only Brazilians like!!!and can afford.


I was not for or against this project, but I am glad it was put up for a vote. It passed with a 69% margin by the people who cared enough to go and vote. It seems to me that most people who belly ache and bitch about construction never get out and vote when it counts, so now they have deal with the fact that the tower they hate so much will be built. I saw their website and it doesn’t look bad at all it will have a restaurant, night club, observation deck, and a thrill ride. All of which I will enjoy. I just wished that Beckham’s stadium had also been put up for a vote instead of letting some condo owners decide.


A sad day for Miami. This is hideous!!!


I am forced to agree with Anonymous @ 9:53 pm. The economics of this project simply do not make sense. $400 million to construct this monster, plus finance costs, insurance, taxes, etc. In the absence of some deep-pocketed philanthropist who loves to burn money, there is no economic case to support construction of this behemoth. A convention hall, a restaurant, and a few amusement rides will never support the investment of nearly half-a-billion dollars. But for a tenth of that money, you could give the Miami Marine Stadium a killer makeover. The economics of this require close scrutiny or the city could wind up with an empty (or worse, half-built) white elephant.


The plan is to sell US citizenship to investors @ $500,000 a pop. The building is just a side-effect.


I think we need an observation tower so i am for it and i do like the design.

lol at the person that said this was the worst thing that happen to miami since brito, while i like this tower, I hate Brito’s work. so just shows you everything is an opinion for the 5 people that hate it on here many more will like it. so who cares


I like it, I think is going to add something nice to the boring Bayside. always will be people that will complaint for everything.


what ever any body says the people voted, that needs to be respected. bayside is a major tourist attraction and this will enhance it. so build it and miami will have some thing else that you either love it or hate it just like every thing here even our city



Well said. If people really hated this thing they would’ve gone out and tried to make the case to everyone else instead of bitching in these forums. I bet you not even 1% of those that complain on this forum go to public hearings and rally citizens to join them.


As someone who has spent 6 years in architecture school and have a masters degree in the field along with years of experience. This design lacks any sense of place. if this is to be the iconic symbol that represents miami in the future then it should have been handled more tastefully. making something tall and skinny doesn’t make it timeless. its embarrassing.


I wish it was in the shape of a giant palm tree instead.

Fred G

Most people initially react negatively to any design that is new and different. The human mind is programmed to embrace the status quo and resist change, especially radical change. Over the long haul, this structure would be viewed positively by most and it would become the iconic symbol which Miami currently craves so much. That being said, it is also true that the odds are this thing will never get built. Jeff Berkowitz claims that 3.2 million visitors will flock to his attraction every year. Breaking it down, that means that an average of 500 paying customers would have to show up every single hour of every single day in the year, assuming the attraction would be open for the typical extended business day, consisting of 16 hours (8AM to midnight). Such a feat is extraordinarily unlikely to be accomplished and any potential lender would surely be aware of this. And since he needs at least $400 million in financing to get this building off the ground, I would say his chances are slim and none. What is most ironic about this is that the FAA has already approved the height of this proposed structure at 1005 feet above ground… Read more »


The Colossus of Bad Taste, right in the heart of biscayne bay.

It does me great sorrow that this city is doomed to have this oversized tacky hair-grip as its tallest structure. I truly hope that is not the case for long.


Woohoo! Great news for downtown Miami!


I’m glad it was approved. It is not pretty but is something different, and this is what Miami is, different. All those critics: what did you want? another Empire State, or another giant roller coaster? Boring!! I liked those comments about Romero Brito. With all due respect to all artists, boring also.


Shame on the Mayor Regalado and the City of Miami commissioners for allowing this to go forth. Remember that this thing will be built on City of Miami property and as the landowner will be included in any and all lawsuits when someone gets injured or dies on this thrill ride. Dumb and Dumber.


I see some people who are here to defend this 3rd grade elementary designed tower do not understand what we who object are really saying. We’re not against this kind tower being built, we’re saying if someone wants to put up such a tower as this to represent our city, why didn’t that person who want to build this thing present at least five different designs done by more than just one firm or, five different designs done by one firm, and let the citizens choose which one they would like to represent the city of Miami on the world stage? Would that have been too hard for this developer to do?

Sheesh, I and others are tired of these mega-rich a-holes coming here and mucking up images in Miami i.e. Dolphins logo, Marlins logo, and now this POS just because it’s what “he” likes.



A little late with your comment. If you’re so passionate about it why didn’t you form a large group of supporters and take it to public hearings, public events, etc. that would attract attention? I’m even doubting you emailed your commissioner.


Sick and tired of people complaining in forums and not doing anything to really make an impact. If you’re all for whining then fine use these forums but if you really want to make a difference get involved more and get more people involved.


Hold up, waitaminute Dave. So the city has a paid for “Design and Review Board” that has no qualms about nitpicking developers like the Melo Group but the first design of an edifice like this is some kind of “design marvel” to them and passed with the first look and no one in Miami’s entire center of government thought to ask this guy “are there more designs that you can show us” before asking for a yea or nay vote from the citizens of Miami? You’re telling me “I’m supposed” to do their job, the jobs they’re payed to do by the taxpayers of Miami?

Whining? No, nobody is whining, You need to say to them, not me, “hey, stop doing a halfass job city government and do what the taxpayers pay you, the elected officials of the city to do,” and stop looking for people like me to do their jobs.


I’m sticking with my comment. You are complaining rather than doing something to make an impact. Look what happened with soccer stadium on museum park. Residents got together with citizens against the use of this land and they made their voices heard on social media, news sites and others. All news sites and local tv news were talking about how that project was getting much criticism.

I don’t think you understand that public officials work for us. They are there to do what we feel is in best interest of city. Therefore, like in any other company, when employees are not happy with direction and decisions being made they make it known. Another example: When a board of directors or investors are not happy with someone’s job they make it known. This is no different. It’s even easier to do so because we don’t have to worry about repercussions against us like employees do.

You have something against the design and review board or the commissioners that approved this as well then do what you’re supposed to do as a taxpayer- let your voice be heard in an effective way.


@Dave – Absolutely correct. No laws were broken here. The developer picked a design that he liked, got it approved and it was put up for a vote for the people in Miami to decide. There is a small vocal group who hate the design but they did not organize their opposition the way people against Beckham’s stadium did and therefore the vote was a landslide at 69%! This is how democracy works, the majority gets what they want and the minority gets to bitch about it.


Oh well, the heck with it then, desolve the entire center of governance and let the populace make all of the step by step processes concerning making decisions in this city. But you see Dave, some of have jobs to go to, so thats we elect people to offices in order to free up our time from making the painstakingly minute day to day operations of running a city. How can they bring this object up to a vote for the citizens to approve if they want it on public land but the design of this thing is not to be questioned?

You and a lot of elected officials are looking at dollars and cents, that’s cool. But some of us are looking more at asthetics and why wasn’t that put on the ballot also is what I and others are questioning.


Lol. I wish you would have brought this same passion to a bigger audience. You would have gotten what you wanted because your idea was good – just like the museum park citizens.

the newspaperman

What a bunch of negative crybabies. Always complaining about something! Get a life.


Well Dave, thanks for appearing on this site and lecturing everyone on what one of the things that our Civic Duties should consist of. Little did we know we also have to be vanguards when it comes to the people who we elect to be vanguards of what is and isn’t architectually tasteful to be the newest and biggest structure to grace our skyline on CITY OWNED PUBLIC LAND.

Oh well, I guess thats what we’ll have to be to prevent people from shoving gigantic “toenail clippers, money clips, bobby pins, etc etc etc…..down our throats.


You’re welcome.


“What a bunch of negative crybabies. Always complaining about something! Get a life.”

That’s some incredible irony, the “newspaperman” complaining about people complaining on an INTERNET SITE!

At least internet people are not being contradictory. Get back to your Newspapers Mr newspaperman where you have “a life” of not worrying about reading complaints.


all city boards are comprised of citizens who volunteer there time they don’t get payed and people go to hearings and are heard after that they make a recommendation to the city commission and again people have an opportunity to be heard so that is when any one who has an opinion about something that is being considered can go and . we as citizens need to express yourself and yes we vote for our elected official but it docent stop there we have to get involved and hold them accountable for what we think should be done. many a times major projects are being considered and the only people there are the developers so no one poses opposing views, we as citizens need to do our civic duties and get involved in our government and community not just talk about it


Um yeah, just I said, “we have to elect them and after that, make tasteful decisions and logical steps for them.”

More people better step in because we see now that there are citizens in Miami who’ll accept and approve the shape of a 1000ft toilet to be on the forefront of our skyline.


Why are people opposed to development? Instead of complaining about this, why aren’t your sharp tongues aimed at modernizing Bayside, which is an old shack in one of Miami’s best properties.


Instead of having beautiful glass skyscrapers peaking past 70 floors owned by the mega-uber-rich banks and firms, we get this ugly POS.