VOX Miami ‘Housing For Students’ To Break Ground At South Miami Metrorail Station This Month

Vox Miami, a student housing project, is about to break ground, the developer told the Herald.

The project is a four minute walk from the South Miami Metrorail Station.

It will include an eight story building

The student housing development will have a total of 99 units with 326 beds. Each unit will be equipped with a private living room and kitchen.

Amenities will include a pool, rooftop terrace, fitness center and resident lounge

Prices will be lower than the new student housing buildings at the University of Miami, but haven’t yet been finalized.

Another building is planned with 10 stories of Class A office space, to be built as a second phase. Combines cost to build both phases is estimated at $125 million.

Completion of the student housing is set for August 2021, in time for the new school year.

Perkins & Will is the architect, and Treo Group is the developer.