Walls Of Glass At Miami’s Fourth Tallest Tower, Brickell Flatiron, Which Will Open Soon

Birckell Flatiron is nearing completion as one of the tallest buildings ever built in Miami, and photos show that the architect and developer have been making an effort to design an attractive structure at street level as well.

All sides of the ground floor appear to have significant amounts of glass windows that extend several floors up.

A total of 29,512 square feet of restaurant space is being built, according to documents recorded at the start of construction.

The tower is now the fourth tallest in Miami. Construction crews topped it off last year at 736 feet above ground and 64 floors, which developers say makes it the tallest residential condo building south of New York.

Opening of the building is expected shortly.

Ugo Colombo’s CMC Group is the developer, with Revuelta the architect.


(photos: phillip pessar)