Walls Of Glass At Miami’s Fourth Tallest Tower, Brickell Flatiron, Which Will Open Soon

Birckell Flatiron is nearing completion as one of the tallest buildings ever built in Miami, and photos show that the architect and developer have been making an effort to design an attractive structure at street level as well.

All sides of the ground floor appear to have significant amounts of glass windows that extend several floors up.

A total of 29,512 square feet of restaurant space is being built, according to documents recorded at the start of construction.

The tower is now the fourth tallest in Miami. Construction crews topped it off last year at 736 feet above ground and 64 floors, which developers say makes it the tallest residential condo building south of New York.

Opening of the building is expected shortly.

Ugo Colombo’s CMC Group is the developer, with Revuelta the architect.


(photos: phillip pessar)

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Now this is how you modernize our skyline. Beautiful tower and, I am sure, top notch quality from Colombo.


You have no idea of the poor quality of the design and the final product


Do you? Ugo Colombo has a reputation for one of the better developers in town. He builds quality. His buildings are known to hold their value better than most, so i’m curious why you say that.

I’ve never met the guy or worked with him, never lived in his properties. I have no skin in the game, just think he does good work and property values seem to confirm that.




Agreed! And I still remember the nay sayers on this site who wrote up and down that this tower would never be built. In your face clowns, lol.


Ugo Colombo = quality development

Go Miami go!

Beautiful and modern looking.
This is what we need. Keep building beautiful modern looking tall buildings.
I love the curve of the glass and building.


Can’t wait to see the final product at street level, specially the South Miami Avenue side.


I purchased here when it was just 13 floors of garage solely on Ugo’s Reputation and the value of his previous projects. His Miami condos are still the best resale and best quality. Why would anyone consider a builder that doesn’t put their name on it. Not a name you can pay for like SLS or Trump, but a real name like Ugo.


Hope the floors are level. I used to get a kick out of watching the Brickell Flatiron construction workers drinking beer and smoking a joint during their lunch.


Because my parking spot is on the 3rd Floor, not the 13th.


There are several reasons to buy SLS Lux instead of Flatiron after the 13th Floor of the parking garage.
After the project breaks ground, and the construction loan has already been taken, you are no longer on the first price list.
Better to be on first price list in SLS Lux than after the groundbreaking, after the construction loan, and after 13th floor of construction in Flatiron.
Additionally, some people prefer to have a Hospitality company operate their amenities. The SLS Lux house car takes you to the beachfront were SLS Miami Beach staff take care of you. No such thing at the Ugo.
Some people like to have tennis courts, basketball courts, and separate barbeque areas for outside dining. The SLS Lux has that, Flatiron doesn’t.
The Flatiron is beautiful and I could live there for sure, but it is not better than SLS Lux….just quieter…older…and different.


Until the 830 is built and casts a huge shadow over your dreams. Btw same architect as flatiron. ?


empty retail space i’m sure — then it will become a CVS


I heard it is Peter Luger Steak House.


No matter how the first 20 feet look doesn’t hide the fact that there are 200 feet of parking above. Sad.

Just a City Dude

Thank Goodness! That means I can visit people there… eat in the restaurant… shop in their retail… the “no-car” concept is beyond illogical for Miami… esp in our lifetimes! We will all be dead by the time MDT actually starts building any additional transit that is usable. I can drive there in 25-min, or 3h:28m on MetroTransit! (Covered in sweat in-between transfers and hikes between poorly-planned connex points!) Just sayin’…


Far cheaper to use Lyft, scooters, MetroRail to MIA, than it is to own a car. Lease costs, gas costs, insurance costs, parking costs, etc. Lyft is “in and out baby”.

No more Allen Morris Park?

What happened to Allen Morris Park? Did Ugo kill the park? What would Allen Morris say?


Allen Morris Park remains where its always been–north of Flatiron, south of Shake Shack.

You should be worried more about the citizenM hotel than Flatiron, as the hotel property (formerly Perricone’s) shares the same block as the park.


The park is city property, including the portion on the south side of SW 10 St. It’s not going anywhere. Not from flat iron, not from citizenM. CitizenM will bump right up against it.


Currently the park is fenced off.


I agree. Why is the park fenced off. City parks should remain city parks forever.


Metromover spoils the streetscape, and people want this extended to all ends of Greater Miami?