Waves Project In South Beach Getting Bigger, Could Include Up To 485 Units

Crescent Heights has submitted a redesign of The Waves project on Alton Road.

The modifications include:

1. Changes to the facades of the Phase I buildings. Crescent Heights says that the new design is more logical and an aesthetic improvement.

2. Adjustments that would add an additional three feet of elevation in order to bring it in line with new flood elevation requirements. According to the developer, this will be the first private
development of real significance in the City that will be designed to meet these new standards. The changes will require several variances.

3. The addition of a surface parking lot in the 700 block of West Avenue to the project. . The overall floor area ratio of the project will increase by 115,349 square feet with this additional development. The overall density of development will increase to 485 units, from 444 units.

Crescent Heights has also submitted a separate application to build a surface parking lot on the 500 block of Alton Road, on land labeled as Phase 2 of The Waves.

The revised plans must be approved by several Miami Beach boards, beginning this month.