We’re Testing A New Comment System (You Can Still Post Anonymously)

As you may have noticed, we are currently testing an enhanced comment system.

Readers will still have the ability to post comments completely anonymously – just leave the name and e-mail fields blank. If you prefer to let people know that it is you or to be notified of new comments, you are welcome to type in your name and/or e-mail address .

Like before, inappropriate comments will be moderated at our discretion, especially those that are malicious or obnoxious.

Some of the new features include:

  • An option to login with Facebook, Twitter, and other social accounts to comment (enhanced)
  • Vote up or down comments
  • Notification by e-mail of replies to your comment (enhanced)
  • Edit your comment (time limited)
  • Insert images into your comment

We appreciate your participation. If you have any feedback, please contact us.