Will I-95 Be Double Decked? FDOT Now Studying Capacity Improvements

The Florida Department of Transportation is studying capacity improvements for Miami’s I-95.

According to a flyer, a planning study for corridor capacity improvements is now being conducted. The study will develop and evaluate improvement concepts and perform planning-level operational evaluations, as a first step for future upgrades of the highway.

A public workshop will be held in Aventura on June 19.

Nearly 300,000 vehicles traveled on I-95 in the area between the Airport Expressway (State Road 112) and the Golden Glades Interchange as of 2015.

Could double deck lanes be a possibility for I-95? FDOT is already considering it for the Palmetto Expressway, where vehicle volume is above 200,000 per day. Another double deck stretch is being built on the Dolphin Expressway.