Will Skyrise Miami Be Snapped Together With Prefabricated Pieces?

SkyRise recently applied for a construction permit to build a recreational tower in downtown Miami – but one person who claims to have worked on the project says the design has been radically changed.

The claim comes from someone who wrote anonymously in The Next Miami’s comments section yesterday, saying he worked for a subcontractor on the project.

Instead of the original design, the project will be built with prefabricated modular sections that will be brought in by barge and lifted into place, he said. Mammoet of the Netherlands will handle it.

The installation will be very costly, and an impressive engineering feat, he added. A construction permit estimates the cost of building at $200 million.

As for the subcontractor – his job was completely value engineered out of the project altogether.

Skyrise has approval from the Federal Aviation Administration to be built at 1,049 feet, taller than any other downtown Miami that currently exists.


Here’s the comment in full:

The piles were driven last year and that was the only activity on the site. As a sub that worked with the GC on multiple VE exercise and had our original scope reduced to nothing, i can tell you when its finally completed, the final product will look nothing like the renderings. All of the sections are modular and will be built offsite and brought in on a barge and lifted into place. Its a very costly installation process but a very impressive engineering feat being handled by Mammot who is one of the most reputable lifting and hoisting company’s in the world