Will Taxpayers Foot The Bill For Downtown Traffic Jams Cause By Whole Foods?

Whole Foods Market has attracted crowds of shoppers since opening at MDM Development’s Met 3 project in January, but the project has also led to serious traffic problems in the area, which may require traffic officers to be regularly posted in the area.

Police Commander Lazaro Ferro told Miami Today earlier this month that there is a ‘big flaw’ in the design of the parking garage. Police have tried ticketing a few drivers for disobeying posted signs, but there isn’t even any room for cars to stop while drivers are being ticketed.

Stakeholders have held a meeting  to identify solutions, which could include adding barriers and redirecting some lanes of traffic.

According to Ferro, 10 or 11 posts have been identified that could be staffed with officers to get traffic moving. Ferro said that traffic lights alone ‘aren’t going to do it.’

This isn’t the first time that an MDM project has led to traffic woes. Traffic lanes around Met 2, including an I-95 off ramp, had to be reconfigured after the project opened.


(photos: philip pessar/flickr)