With 10,000 Drivers, Uber Is Now One Of The Largest Employers In The Miami Area

Just ten months after launching service in Miami, Uber now has over 10,000 drivers in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties.

That would make it one of the largest employers in the area, ahead of long-established companies such as Publix (Uber doesn’t consider drivers to be employees, but classifies them as independent contractors, and many are part-time.)

Since launching in Miami in June 2014, Uber drivers have provided over a million rides in the tri-county area (Broward and Palm Beach were added in August 2014.) Uber’s market share of rides rose to 23% in Miami during the first quarter, according to Certify, a software company, while taxis, limos, and shuttles took the rest.

As the service has gained in popularity, it has become more efficient, with drivers now spending a higher percentage of their time with paying passengers. That has allowed Uber to cut prices in Miami twice already, with rates now said to be over 50% lower than taxi rates on some rides. Rates are now 20% lower than at launch, while driver earnings are said to have doubled.

Dade commissioners are to consider a plan next week that would legalize and regulate the service. Since the service launched, Dade has issued hundreds of tickets at over $1,000 each (Uber covers drivers for those.) Broward has also issued hundreds of citations to Uber drivers, and is also considering similar legislation to legalize the service.