With Aria On The Bay Nearly Sold Out, Melo Moves To Replat Another Property In Edgewater

Melo Group is moving to obtain approvals to build at a bayfront property in Edgewater, after selling out another nearby development.

Attorneys with law firm Greenberg Traurig registered this month to represent the developer in the rezoning and replatting of 700 Northeast 24th Street. Traffic engineer Kimley Horn is also working on the project.

Carlos Ferreira de Melo and Martin Ferreira de Melo each own a 50% stake in 25 Plaza, the developing entity, the registration states.

A permit to rebuild the seawall at the property is also pending.

The move comes as another nearby Melo project nears sellout. Records show that buyers have now closed on 604 of the 647 condo units that Melo built at the Aria on the Bay condo in Edgwater.

Lawyers also registered this month and last month to work on development approvals at several other Melo properties, according to city records:

  • 34 Plaza – Downtown surface parking lot purchased by Melo in August 2018 for $13 million. Zoned for 500 units in up to 80 stories
  • 26 Plaza – A 171-unit project was completed in 2014 at 162 Northeast 25th Street. It isn’t clear why rezoning is needed
  • 5 Plaza – At 501 North Miami Avenue, twin 51-story towers with 1,042 apartments are planned to begin construction by next year
  • 6 Plaza – On the same block as 5 Plaza, two more properties were purchased from Christ Fellowship Baptist Church and Downtown Legal Center. Project details not announced yet.


The bayfront 25 Plaza site:


(photo: phillip pessar)