Worldcenter, Grand Central Park Principals Battle In Court

Grand Central Park may have closed last year, but a legal battle still rages on in court.

Miami Worldcenter and majority owner CIM Group are suing for comments made in a Miami Herald article late last year, along with other comments made on Facebook and in a press release. The suit names Aramis Lorie and Mark Lesniak, with Brad Knoefler listed as a lease guarantor.

As a part of a settlement agreement reached after the park operators stopped paying rent and tried to use the land for parking during Heat games, all requests for comment on the park or Worldcenter were supposed to be referred to the Kreps deMaria PR Agency, or replied to with a standardized script. A judge recently rejected claims by the defense that the agreement violates their right to free speech. The defendants could be on the hook for upwards of $250,000 for violating the deal.

Omni Parkwest Redevelopment Association, the entity that operated the park, has filed a separate suit over claims of civil theft after they were accused of trying to sell the fence that surrounded the park. As part of the settlement agreement, they had agreed to leave the fence in place, but they claim that doing so would violate city code.

Commissioner Marc Sarnoff, who voted to grant $200,000 in CRA money to the park, told the Herald that he probably wouldn’t do it again.