Miami Worldcenter’s 7th Street Promenade Is Now Open: First Look

At Miami Worldcenter, the 7th Street Promenade is now complete and open to the public.

Fountains, shade trees, date palms, and benches are among the features of the new pedestrian street.

Eventually, the plan is for the promenade to be lined on both sides with retail and restaurant space, connected to the Marriott convention hotel to the west and a public square with retail to the east.

Construction of the 44-story Caoba with 444 apartments was recently completed on the south side of the promenade, and a second tower is shovel ready.

On the north side, Worldcenter’s Block E is planned with more ground floor retail. It was once proposed to include residential, hotel and office, although plans were recently resubmitted and may have been revised.

The 7th Street Promenade replaces a street that was closed to car traffic and demolished by Worldcenter’s developer in 2016.