Worldcenter’s High Street Retail Plan Set For City Review

Miami Worldcenter announced earlier this year that they would be switching from an indoor shopping mall to High Street retail.

After months of planning, project architect Elkus Manfredi has completed the revisions and submitted the new plans to the city. The changes include:

Urban Context: The original plan was for a three story mall with five levels of parking above. The mall would have spanned five blocks from the FEC tracks to Northeast 19th Street.  The new plan calls for discrete blocks, all with ground floor retail, some with second level retail and parking above. Instead of a 129-foot podium spanning the entire site, each block will vary in height from 90 feet to 129 feet.

A new north-south paseo will connect the 7th Street Promenade to Northeast 10th Street.

Two civic spaces are included in the first phase, located at the north and south end of the project. At 14,000 square feet and 25,000 square feet, they will include passive benches, tables,
chairs, umbrellas, and water features. MWC intends to keep the plazas for flexible, programmable space, and will be used for events such as a New Years ball drop, book fairs, concerts, etc.

Luma: With the enclosed mall being scrapped, the design has been revised, including new circulation and a sleeker, slightly taller design. Amenities have been relocated, and unit count increases from 429 to 434 thanks to new liner units at podium level.

Paramount: With foundation work already underway, the project height remains the same. The unit count increases from 485 to 577, thanks to new podium liner units where the indoor mall was once located.

Summary: Residential unit count increase from 914 to 1,011. Parking space count increase from 3,901 to 3,998. Commercial area decrease from 1,090,771 sf to 338,036 sf. Total area decrease from 4,733,072 to 3,913,326 sf.

The changes will need to be approved my Miami’s Planning and Zoning Department, and the revisions are set for UDRB review this month. Two years ago, the UDRB had rejected the concept of an indoor mall spanning five blocks and instead recommended it be broken up by block, similar to what is now proposed.

view of main plaza looking northeast:


view of north plaza looking south toward paseo

view of 7th street promenade looking east:

podium/retail plan:

revised plan for paramount: