Wynwood Square Approved, Construction To Begin By August

Wynwood Square has become the first project approved by Wynwood’s newly created Design Review Committee.

The 12-story project also recently was approved by Miami’s Urban Development Review Board in a 7-0 vote.

“We are excited about this mixed-use pedestrian-friendly project as it will help address Wynwood’s dearth of residential and office uses – while adding much needed prime retail to North Miami Ave,” Jeronimo Hirschfeld, founder, chairman and CEO of One Real Estate Investment, said. “Our goal is to integrate these three elements, both physically and functionally, to enhance Wynwood’s already stellar appeal.”

When completed, Wynwood Square will include 267 residential units, 55,227 square feet of office space, 25,214 square feet of ground floor retail, and almost 500 parking spaces.

Developer One Real Estate Acquisitions, a division of One Real Estate Investment paid $15 million for the 78,050 square feet development site at 2201 and 2245 North Miami Avenue last year.

Marc S. Coleman, President of Development, added, “We are currently working on construction drawings and finalizing the capital structure, and plan to break ground by August of this year.”


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Compare to what is there now, I’ll take it any day and more.


kool looking building

Ashton Coleman

It’s a brilliant new building and I do believe it will do well. There is a lot more than this coming to Wynwood and the bright minds behind Neighborhood Revitalization District (NRD) within the Wynwood Arts District will preserve the unique street art and industrial characteristics of the current Wynwood Arts District while promoting an environment where people work, live, and play. Gentrification is unfortunately happening but in the end, I’m bullish.


An awesome large hotdog graphic would look so cool though.


It’s nice, but a bit too “South Beach” and sort of bland. It doesn’t seem to fit the Wynwood aesthetic. I think they should consider having it painted with an interesting design.


August 2019, crane finally up on this.


” pedestrian-friendly project… 500 parking spaces”



I think people just love to cynics. Per the zoning code the project would be REQUIRED to have 591 spaces. They had to get a 10 percent waiver to reduce that number to 532 and then they are PAYING into the Wynwood fund to reduce the number even further to 496.

So what are you even talking about????

Look at the principles of urbanism and this is a really good project. Its a true mixed use project with not only residential and retail but they ALSO have office. As in if you work in the office in this building living in it would be a great option.

They have retail along the ground floor for the pedestrian experience at the street level with good size sidewalks and on street parking to shield the pedestrians from the heavily trafficked road.

You can’t ask for much more from a developer in this location. What do you want them to do, single handedly build a metro down the street?

If your going to be critical of things then at least take the time to understand what your talking about first.


It’s “you’re”


The irregular window patterns and sheets of metal on the base are awful, and it’s as tall as the towers themselves. So much for Wynwood’s “newly created Design Review Committee.”


ugly bulding