Yet Another Home With An Understory Proposed In Miami Beach On Pine Tree Drive

A single family home has been proposed with an understory level on a waterfront Pine Tree Drive property in Miami Beach.

Deva Finger wants to build the new home at 4880 Pine Tree Drive, replacing an architecturaly significant home built in 1934 and designed by Robert Little.

The new home would include four levels and an elevator. Parking will be in the understory area, topped by two levels of living space and a rooftop, all accessible by elevator.

Mttr Mgmt is the architect.

Miami Beach’s Design Review Board must approve the plans, since it needs a height waiver, elevator waiver, and because of the historic home on the property.

Miami Beach adopted an ordinance in 2018 encouraging homes to built with an understory, and city planners say there has been an increase in such homes since then.

According to planners, a number of factors are encouraging property owners to build with an understory, including sea level concerns, flooding and mitigation, the raising of city roads, and a renewed interest in elevated living with open-plan structures.