Yet Another Section Of Beachwalk Now Open In Miami Beach, With More Coming In Months

Miami Beach is one step closer to its goal of a continuous pedestrian path spanning the entire length of the city, after another section of beachwalk opened last week in South Beach.

For now, the beachwalk spans from South Pointe Park to 46th street, with the city opening a new section from 3rd to 5th street (part of that path is a wooden boardwalk).

Earlier this year, the city opened 11 new blocks of beachwalk at 53rd Street. That path now runs from 53rd to 79th Street.

The missing link from 46th Street to 53rd Street is on track to open in May, according to Mayor Dan Gelber. That would mean a continuous path from South Pointe to 79th Street will be in place.

Over the summer though, part of that path will be temporarily lost when the wooden boardwalk from 24th to 45th Street is torn down for replacement. It will be rebuilt with a beachwalk path similar to the rest of the city, which also will allow for bike riders.

The final section will bring the path all the way to the northern border with Surfside, from 79th Street to 87th Street. Construction on that span will begin toward the end of 2019, with completion in early 2021.




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Residents and their (very photogenic) dogs were out in force on a beautiful morning as @miamibeachnews opened a new section of the beachwalk from 3rd to 5th street. Extra thanks to Vice Mayor @beachjoy15 , and the other Commissioners, who attended in my stead. Here’s a summary of where things stand on the beachwalk. Today’s ribbon-cutting marks 40-50% completion of the total beachwalk/baywalk project, which began in 2007. When completed it will allow residents and visitors to walk or bike the whole city on the beach and bay, and the remaining sections of the beachwalk are expected to be completed in just 2 years. The City is currently working on the Mid-Beach Recreational Corridor, from 46th to 53rd Streets, with an estimated completion in May. The next section, the boardwalk replacement project from 24th to 45th street, is scheduled to start this summer. That leaves our final beachwalk section to be completed, from 79th street to 87th street in #NorthBeach, commencing toward the end of the year, and expected to be completed early 2021. #MiamiBeach #MBWorkingForYou

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It took a year for this 2 block segment. How long will it take to replace the boardwalk?

Simple extrapolation would say 45-24 = 21 * 1/2 year per block is 11.5 years.

Hope they can be a little quicker.


What a great amenity for residents and tourists to enjoy!


Yeah, long as you’re not a spring breaker tourist.


Just in time for all the spring breakers to make it South of Fifth!


Meanwhile Miami Baywalk no where to be found. Shame.


“#MBWorkingForYou” except when it involves transit like a Metrorail or streetcar line to the mainland.


Can somebody explain how the city is overseeing the work of the contractors and how they are chosen? Aren’t there any deadlines and fines build into the contracts for delays? It just can’t be, that this took so freaking long. Similar to the new Tennis Pavilion at the Biltmore Tennis Center further South which will never be finished….


It was nearly complete in the fall when the PD came along and said they needed 6 towers with cameras along this tiny stretch of beachwalk.

since the pols are afraid to question the police, they rubber stamped the request

Thus came a $150k change order (nearly 20% of the total budget) and they dug up the area again to install.




Coolest thing Miami Beach has to offer


Surfside to Haulover inlet is already done also, so you’ll be able to bike/walk/run from inlet to inlet. Can’t wait for this to be completed!