Zaha Hadid Miami Beach Parking Garage, Value Engineered

Zaha Hadid is suggesting “design adjustments” to bring down the cost of the proposed Collins Park Parking Garage.

Miami Beach commissioners asked Zaha for a redesign of the garage earlier this year, after a consultant said that it would cost $49 million for construction. The initial budget for construction was $20.8 million.

Last week, commissioners were shown changes that could bring the construction cost of the garage down to $28 million. The new design would cost about $58,000 per space for 460 spaces planned in the garage (a price including retail and plaza space), while city staff claimed that a “regular” garage would cost about $20,000 per space to build.

Mayor Phillip Levine still wasn’t satisfied however, saying that he wanted it built “as cheaply as possible,” which he said should be “closer to $25 million.”

City staff will provide commissioners with an updated construction estimate within months.


ZHA’s design adjustments implemented to find cost reductions:

  • Curves optimized – all radii the same
  • Vertical Columns
  • Grid / Column layout regularized
  • 40′-0”spans reduced to 36’-0”
  • Slab thickness reduced to 12”
  • Cores redesigned to be as simple and efficient as possible
  • One 27’ bay eliminated for the 3 ”flyover” levels this eliminates 4 columns and a 27’-0”portion of slab over three levels
  • Balustrades greatly simplified to be a simple vertical balustrade alternates in-situ and steel guardrail system, requiring no elaborate formwork
  • Roof Pavilions eliminated
  • Feature Stair and glass elevator eliminated replaced with simple switch-back stair within structural concrete enclosure
  • Landscape design eliminated surface treatment only
  • Retail Area potentially reduced to Retail A only. Please price Retail B, and C optional and priced separately
  • Vertical Retail Facade 

redesigned garage:


original design, estimated to cost $49m:


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Another Anonymous
5 years ago

Why not do something spectacular with the design that can also keep the Zaha design at $28K per parking spot and bring in additional revenues….a transparent media facade like what was done at the Port Authority Bus Terminal in NYC. . That structure is essentially a giant garage. The display brings in over $5M annually, is transparent that allows for proper ventilation. For the Zaha garage, strategic location of a media facade of perhaps 1,200 square feet (twice the size of a roadside billboard) could be placed and have a mix content of art, cultural and civic messages with accepted advertising and branding. That location could easily see over 100,000 daily impressions to which a healthy revenue stream could be obtained. Because of the transparency, the images will look like they float. The garage would then have world class design and a revenue stream that would monetize the development.

5 years ago

“$20k per space to build”


5 years ago

$20k per spot …. only if its a cheap precast afterthought.

5 years ago

Pardon me Miami Beach, but you have Japan on line 2.

5 years ago

looks like the Zaha has to go…..(•_•) / ( •_•)>⌐■-■ / (⌐■_■)….back to the drawing board….

5 years ago

Honest question,why not sell the air rights above? If they get a few million it would satisfy all parties?

5 years ago

Why don’t we ask the designer to incorporate a Publix and CVS into the design? Perhaps a couple of other retail spots such as Payless or Dollar Tree. I think I read somewhere that the city of Bilbao is considering such options for their Guggie. Miami/Miami Beach are backwater cowtowns.

5 years ago

Instead of working with Zaha Hadid in bringing down the cost, why don’t they just work with another designer that is more affordable with or close to the same vision in art design?

Georgie Porgie
5 years ago

What that place needs is workforce housing on top of a better-than-usual but still regular garage, with mundane stores that cater to daily life inbedded.

5 years ago

Keep Collins Park as a RESIDENTIAL neighborhood. STOP over development on the Beach!!!