Zaha Hadid’s South Beach Parking Garage Is Too Expensive To Build

Miami Beach commissioners are asking Zaha Hadid to redesign the Collins Park Parking Garage, after being informed by contractors that the projected construction cost would blow out their budget.

Construction on the garage still hasn’t started, although city officials selected Zaha Hadid’s firm to design it over three years ago. The city had agreed to pay about $3 million to Hadid’s firm, along with local architect Berenblum Busch, for design work.

Facchina Construction, the city’s construction manager, is estimating that the garage will cost $49 million to build. That is significantly higher than the $25 million available budget for the project (which is already nearly double the original estimated cost for a 400-space garage.)

In a letter, the architects blamed skyrocketing labor and material costs. They also blamed changes to the design to address sea-level rise, as well as lack of communication with contractors. They wrote that any value engineering options would be limited due to the high profile nature of the project.

At a meeting last month, commissioners voted to request that the architects revise the plans to bring it to within 5% of budget. That means the the design team will need to figure out a way to bring the cost down by nearly half.